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ALL packages include:

  • 2 licensed and insured bartenders

  • Bar set up

  • 3 hours of bartending service

  • Coolers & bar tools

  • Cups, cocktail napkins and stir sticks for up to 200 guests

    (approximately 3 disposable cups per guest)

  • Bar clean up

  • Small custom bar menu (frame included)

Package One: $300.00
Beer, Wine & Champagne Only (Host is responsible for providing all alcohol)

Package Two: $375.00
Beer, Wine & 1 Liquor & unlimited mixers (Host is responsible for providing all alcohol & mixers)

Package Three: $450.00
Beer, Wine & 2 Liquors & unlimited mixers (Host is responsible for providing all alcohol & mixers)

Package Four: $525.00
Beer, Wine & Unlimited types of liquors and mixers (Host is responsible for providing all alcohol & mixers)

Frozen Cocktail (optional add-on to any package): $250.00
Add the option of a frozen beverage to any package! With our dual sided slush machine, you'll be able to choose 1 or 2 of your favorite cocktail mixes, from our wide variety of options! This machine produces approximately 400 frozen drinks. (Liquor for this cocktail option is still required to be provided by you)

Additional Services:

  • Additional bartending hour: $75.00/hr

  • Additional licensed bartender: $100.00

    Split bar locations (more then 1 bar set up) REQUIRE the purchase of 1 additional bartender through Whiskey Sisters. Oklahoma law states that alcohol under the supervision of a licensed bartender may not be left unattended at any time making this additional purchase necessary to remain within OK liquor law standards.

  • Cups for an additional 100 guests: $20.00

  • 6 (10lb) Bags of ice: $25.00

  • 12 (10lb) Bags of ice: $45.00

  • 1 Cocktail Garnish: $30.00 (provided and prepared by Whiskey Sisters)

  • 2 Cocktail Garnishes: $55.00 (provided and prepared by Whiskey Sisters - if both garnishes are the same for each cocktail the price remains $55.00)

  • 100 Tokens: $5.00

  • 200 Tokens: $10.00

  • 300 Tokens: $15.00

  • 400 Tokens: $20.00

All payments may be made via Whiskey Sisters website at www.whiskeysistersbartending.com located under the “select and pay” tab.


Each Whiskey Sisters bartender is currently licensed by the Oklahoma ABLE Commission to legally serve alcohol in the state of Oklahoma.

Whiskey sisters is insured with liquor liability insurance and general liability insurance up to 2 million dollars through the Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP). 

The event host is required to purchase and deliver all alcohol to the event.

To reserve your special date, we ask that you pay $50.00 as a reservation payment which is also noted as your first payment towards your total balance and is non-refundable.

The remaining balance of your package and any additional service is due no later than 5 days before your event.

Whiskey Sisters is NOT responsible for providing proper containers to hold kegs or ice to chill kegs. Kegs must me located near the bar and in containers chilling for 4-6 hours before the bar opens. Whiskey Sisters WILL provide up to 4 keg taps without additional fees and WILL tap the keg(s) upon arrival.