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1.  Guests are not permitted to serve their own alcohol. All alcohol will be under the supervision of at least 2 licensed and insured bartenders. All alcohol will only be served by the bartender(s). (This includes canned and bottled beer) According to Oklahoma law, a licensed bartender is required to OPEN and pour all liquor to guests.  Any beer within reach of guests will be removed and placed behind the bar for bartenders handling only. 

2.  The bar will not open and bartenders will not serve any alcohol to ANYONE until agreed start time, i.e 7pm or immediately following the completion of the wedding ceremony. Bartenders will arrive one to two hours prior to serving time to set up- because bartenders are present setting up the bar does NOT mean the bar is open. Please make family, wedding party, and guests aware of this rule. 

3. Guests who appear to be under the age of 30 are required to present proper identification to show proof of age. Underaged guests will not be served. Guests that are asked to present a ID and do not have it will not be served. Please make family, wedding party, and guests aware of this rule so they may be prepared to carry proper identification.

4. Package 2 includes 1 signature cocktail meaning ONLY 1 type of liquor is allowed- other liquors will not be served unless payment for an upgraded package is completed before the event. 

5. Package 3 includes 2 signature cocktails meaning ONLY 2 types liquor are allowed- other liquors will not be served unless payment for an upgraded package is completed before the event.

6. Event guests OR wedding party OR family of the bride groom OR host of event may NOT take ANY liquor bottles from the bar. If any bottles of liquor are taken against the will of bartender, Whiskey Sisters Bartending reserves the right to then CLOSE down the bar regardless of time or amount of remaining alcohol that is left to be served. Taking liquor away from the care of a licensed bartenders is against Oklahoma state law.

7. Whiskey Sisters supplies cups for alcoholic beverage use ONLY up to 200 guests per package.

8. Ice purchased through Whiskey Sisters is for alcoholic beverages and bartending use ONLY and may not be used to ice down tea, water, lemonade, or for any other needs of the event. 

9. Whiskey Sisters is NOT responsible for providing proper containers to hold kegs or ice to chill kegs. Kegs must me located near the bar and in containers chilling for 4-6 hours before the bar opens. Whiskey Sisters WILL provide up to 4 keg taps without additional fees and WILL tap the keg(s) upon arrival.

10. Split bar locations (more then 1 bar set up) REQUIRE the purchase of 1 additional bartender through Whiskey Sisters. Oklahoma law states that alcohol under the supervision of a licensed bartender may not be left unattended at any time making this additional purchase necessary to remain within OK liquor law standards.

11. To maintain each bartenders safety and the integrity of Whiskey Sisters, we  have the right to refuse service to anyone without reason or incident.

12.  Hosts must have ALL alcoholic beverages and mixers (including garnishes) NEAR the bar area before the bartender arrives to prepare the bar. If this for any reason is not possible, we require specific instructions on where the alcohol will be located. 

13. All bottles of champagne, wine, and liquor will be opened at whiskey sisters discretion unless specific instructions to NOT open a specific number of bottles is instructed to each bartender present. Such notes should be noted below before signing. 


14. All bottles/cans of any alcohol provided will be served by whiskey sisters. Specific instructions need to be given immediately  if any bottles need to be reserved for any special reason or person. Such notes should be noted below and made clear to bartenders before signing.


15.  Whiskey Sisters will not provide a table and or linens to any event.  At least 1 table and linens are required by host to be provided for bartender use only unless the event venue already has a built in bar. 

16. $50 deposit and remaining amount due, must be received no later than five days before the event.

17. All payments made to whiskey sisters bartending are non-refundable.

18. Any event greater then 30 miles from the whiskey sisters address will occur a charge of .56 per mile both to and from the event. Mileage may be paid for on the day of event by credit, debit or check. Payments may also be made over the phone before the event date. 

19. Once all Alcohol provided by the host(s) is served, whiskey sisters will close and tear down the bar station.  

20.  Whiskey Sisters is cautious and observant when serving alcohol to guests to insure a fun and safe enviornment. Whiskey Sisters Bartending is not responsible for any individual who may become intoxicated or for any damages that may be caused by an intoxicated guest. Event host is reliable for any and all alcohol-related injuries or accidents during or following the event.

21.  Whiskey sisters is insured with liquor liability insurance and general liability insurance up to 2 million dollars through the Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP).  

________   (initial) I have read, understood & agreed to the following conditions stated above.  

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